At Security & Wealth Management, we offer services for both the low risk wealth management side of investing and the safe and secure insurance side of the financial world.

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About Us

At Security & Wealth Management, we strive to ensure our clients’ success with smart money solutions and incomparable customer service. With Fred Smids and his team of financial specialists, they will provide unique solutions to help you reach financial peace of mind.

About Fred Smids

Fred Smids has been a licensed insurance agent since 2000. He is a registered investment advisor representative and is held by license to the Fiduciary standard. Since 2011, Mr. Smids has been Series 65 securities licensed. As a resident of the Fannett area for the past 29 years, he strives to give his community the best financial services possible.

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Our Philosophy

We follow three rules in our office when giving financial advice:

  • 1. We do not want our clients money going backwards.

  • 2. We want our client's money to be as tax efficient as possible.

  • 3. We try to get our clients a decent rate of return without breaking rule #1.


At Security & Wealth Management, we offer services from both the wealth management and security side.

Security Services

Our Security services include:

  • Medicare Supplements - With our help, you will have security of knowing your future medical expenses will not drain your retirement accounts.

  • Long-term care insurance or Annuity alternatives - Truth is, we are all are living longer, and we will need help in the future. This insurance provides the money to pay for health care, whether it be in your own home or a care facility.

  • Fixed annuities or fixed index annuities - A tax-deferred way to grow your money and still have peace of mind knowing that your principle is protected from market loss, while potentially earning more than a traditional Bank CD or savings account. These accounts can generate a paycheck for life to help supplement your retirement income and be sure your money will not run out.

Wealth Management

Our Wealth Management offers a different approach:

As a registered Investment Advisor Representative of Horter Investment Management, we use exceptional private wealth management firms, who are defensive in bad times and opportunistic in good times. Their primary goal is to not lose money, and secondly to earn a decent rate of return while not going backwards. In order to make your accounts more tax efficient, we also offer a $20 flat fee variable annuity wrapper, or tax deferred umbrella so to say, though Jefferson National Insurance Company, or a small percent fee through Security Benefit life Insurance Company, which also allows a tax deferred growth for any non-qualified account.



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